Sunday, November 28, 2010

Belgian SuperX Report

We have said it before. Snow is good for Cross. It is one of our core convictions. We have not one, but two, race series designed around it. And a wool jersey too. We may get things wrong from time to time, at least in theory. But yesterday confirmed just how right we are about our belief in the awesomeness of racing bikes in the snow.

The J-Train does not yet share this conviction. In fact, one of the few things that was discernible through his sobs was a bleating lament about his hatred for the snow. We suggested to him a number of times that he might quit. But he is a stubborn little guy. It kind of reminds me of someone. Some day, he will cross paths with loathsome soul who will come up with a race designed to crack him. It will probably be called Wrath Cross. It won't work. The J-Train is no Juan Eppstein.

As for the rest of us, our collective mood was considerably more buoyant about the opportunity to race our bikes in the snow. Brilliant rays of darkness were sprinkled throughout the chaos that ensued on the traction deprived course. That was nice to see. It was especially gratifying to see the Hipster there with a new bike. He bought a license just so that he could take in the final race of the season. There were, however, some notable absences. The Fraggle was studying. Or so she said. The Secretary was likely out saving souls somewhere. And the President, who knows? He was probably playing with his new truck. Cousin Adam was no doubt up to his elbows in baby shit. Or legal documents. It's the same thing, really.

Thanks to former FGBCer Halberto and his new boyfriends for putting on another great show. Special thanks to Morgan for his dedication to the task of shoveling snow onto the course. It made for some good crashes. All of this confirms the wisdom of extending the cx season straight through the end of November. As far as cx conditions go, this is about as good as it gets. The format was interesting. The B racers and the always responsible Citizens were granted a head start, leaving the A field to huddle together like penguins trying to stay warm for what seemed an interminable length of time. Some of the B racers seemed less than thrilled as the Dark Lord and his minions roared by trying to find the front of the race. But it did give the whole thing a nice twist. We never did find the front. But the Cricket came close. Paul B won it. That guy is alright.

Our man with the camera, Dave Benson, was kind enough to share some photos of the dark side in action. See more here.

Gianni is not technically part of the dark side, even though he knows he should be. Nevertheless, he did serve up the photo of the day:


JP said...


Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

That course was so fun. What a great way to end an incredible season of cross. My only regret was not pushing Tomek into a snowdrift when I had the chance. Next time. JS

CycleChick said...

Watching America's Next Top Model at 4,000 feet is the opposite of cx racing in the snow. Definitely need a do-over to ease my overwhelming self-pity. Great report!!

Brad the Impaler said...

Not racing sucks. That looked like a lot of fun.

Ryan A said...

Thanks to the olympia team for a great race and to FGBC (esp chris, Johnny G, Craig), and my new peeps at RRR, for the intro into the greatest sport on earth, CYCLOCROSS!!! Yesterday's snow race capped an awesome season!!!

Kim said...

That was my friend Terri who trashed on you for running her over... DarK Lord, I'll happily rat her out. Although I suppose you got me too ;-) -- I'm just meeker and milder about it... (HA!)

Great write-up about a great day. Jonah was awesome!

Closing down Belgian with JP (and fam) and Colin was Awesomer.

Anonymous said...

That was arguably the most fun I've had on a bike, such a fun race!

The Dark Lord said...

Mark, just wait until you get to race in the snow with a stomach full of East Indian cuisine. In the dark. It only gets better. We have a season full of do-overs coming soon.