Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Answer is Yes

Yes, he can be beaten. But who would have guessed Nick Nuyens would be the man to do it? Nobody in the FGBC Spring Classics Pool, apparently. Not a single person was willing to show Nuyens the love. Bummer. In retrospect, he would have been a solid tier 3 pick. Much better than Thor and Heinrich and all their Garvelo teammates. The best classics team in the world continues to disappoint. Some might even say they just plain suck. Conventional wisdom would have it be a case of too many cooks. But that is the kind of weak analysis that comes from refusing to face the facts. We all know that the real reason for their string of pedestrian performances is that they dared to move away from a jersey that once resembled the sweetest jersey in the world. Remember when Thor won a classics race two seasons ago? And how he kind of looked like Johnny S? Haussler was all over the top of the standings that year too. And if we didn't believe it then, by now it is indisputable where his run of good form came from. Forget the curse of the rainbow jersey. What those guys are experiencing is the curse of the SJITW. The lesson here is clear: spurn sweetness at your own peril. One wonders what effect the curse will have on Johnny when his new ABES jersey shows up.

Was there a race going on? Oh yes, King Andy and Graham shared the win. They each came up with 1145 points. Prince Dan rounded out the podium with 1070 points. Third on the day was no doubt disappointing for him. My boyfriend can totally relate. But Dan had a nice consolation prize in that he took over first place in the overall standings. With 4160 points, he leads King Andy by 150 points. Shhhh, don't tell Dr. Freud. Queen Val is right there too. Her 3710 points are good enough for third overall. The first family of vicarious racing is looking better than ever. At the other end of the standings, Andrea tossed the lanterne rouge to Bill.

Full results and overall standings here.

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Altona Bicycle Enthusiast Society said...

Curse of the SJITW? What's that? I need to know what I've gotten myself into. Spurned sweetness? Not me. The ABES jersey will help us witness the velo love in our dorky and lumpy way. JS