Wednesday, April 06, 2011

TNR Report

Tom K showed up on his new Pugsley, so we did the counter-intuitive thing and went off in search of some snow despite the fact that the conditions served up the possibility of the first snow and ice free ride in a long, long time. The search took us along the new Silver Ave. super highway for bikes. It is as smooth as it is wide. And it featured a brand new bridge for JP to play on.

We also pretended we were Garth and Wayne while a plane came in for a landing. Eventually we did end up finding some snow. It was not nearly as good as we remembered. But it did give Ryan the opportunity to practice some of his new cyclocross skills. He is going to kick ass next year. You heard it here first.

Apparently, JP had some issues. I do not remember that. But Tom was kind enough to share the photographic evidence.

Back at the klubhaus, there was much confabulatory goodness. We especially enjoyed reliving last year's inaugural edition of Brad's Spring Classic. In particular, we enjoyed hearing about KK's ill-fated attempt to throw down the gauntlet. Everyone is in just as bad shape this year as they were last year. So it should be interesting, as our tactical incompetence once again tears the group to shreds. Don't forget to RSVP if you plan on attending this year's race. Because that would make Brad the Impaler angry. And nobody wants that. He's grouchy enough when he is happy.

The tunes were decidedly so-so. But at least we were Cars free. Until, that is, we were headed out the door. At which point they came onto the hi fi to send us on our way home. Is that six weeks in a row now? How depressing.

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