Monday, April 11, 2011

Rated RRR Report

For anyone who wants to know how it's done, you could do worse than following Brad the Impaler around. That guy does it right. Very right. Last year already kicked ass. But this year he upped the ante and then some with a new and improved course, a trophy, an enormous glass of Little Scrapper, and bearded poduim girls.

It's not clear whether JP did it right. But whatever he did wound up working out for him in the end. He very nearly pulled a KK by attacking himself out of the race. Shortly after the ice rink, he went to the front and kicked it into a higher gear. Just as we were about to cry uncle, he promptly drifted toward the rear and fell right off the back. And just like that he was gone. But he took advantage of our not-exactly-well-executed attempt at a pace line and bridged back up just before we turned onto Hillside Rd. In the end, it was his superior sense of direction that won him the race. He watched calmly as Halberto and the Cricket, off the front and seemingly headed for a sprint finish, missed the final turn. JP gladly accepted the gift and soloed in for an easy win. Navigational skills are important. Nicely done.

Is anybody else feeling kind of achy today?


JP said...

Looks like that beer wasn't even full... I must really be a light-weight!

Brad the Impaler said...

True, I didn't fill it all the way. 2 litres of Scrapper might have killed you.

Tom K said...

Yah, you looked a little 'light' headed on you way home ... riding your bike of course (with escort)! Light-weight, but well done in the race JP and kudos to Brad again for an awesome race and hosting job!!