Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TNR Report: Bonus Monday Edition

Because sometimes Tuesday is not enough. Actually, come to think of it, Tuesday is never enough. But it takes a special occasion to get us actually to do something about it. A visit from the Saskatchewan Chapter to work on the Bus Project constitutes just such an occasion. It has been eight months or so since the project commenced. A lot of hard work and even more spurious conversation has taken place since that time. But word on the street was that the engine was ready to go back in. So Jonny G and I joined the Secretary and the Saskatchewan Chapter to witness this historic event. The President was there for a time too, as was Big Country.

There were highs. And lows. A healthy dose of befuddlement. And maybe a little bit of cussing. But in the end, it all led to the following glorious climax.


KK said...

Shoot. That was as successful as my Sunday afternoon road ride to the white horse.

Well, if the bus won't be ready in 31 days, there's the 81 day target to shoot for.

Brad the Impaler said...

Climax? More like startus interuptus.

the secretary said...

dudes! It ran 10 minutes after you left.