Wednesday, April 27, 2011

TNR Report

KK showed up with some posters for the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. He added a QR code, so the gadgets came out to give it a try. It seems to have worked.

Brad the Impaler rejoined our ranks. We were also treated to a surprise appearance of another long lost friend.

He says he will be at the Spring Ride this year. And this time he hopes actually to find us. He may bring a bike too.

The ride took us back to the Silver Ave. Bike Super Highway. We'd heard a rumour that it goes all the way to the perimeter, so decided to check its veracity. It was true in the same way as the claim "I am the most tested athlete in the history of professional sport" is true. That is to say, sort of. The super highway becomes a gravel path which hooks up with the end of the Sturgeon Creek trail. From there, our option was a rather grassy and soggy trail along the railway line. But there was lots of hollering and a general sense of dissension in the ranks. So we crossed the ditch back to the road, which was decidedly less of an energy sapping slog. This also gave us an opportunity to practice our cx skills. They are considerably rusty. Fortunately, there is time.

We did eventually make it to the perimeter and then decided it was time to head back to the klubhaus. KK turned up the heat and tore the group to shreds. It seemed for a while like we'd lost Jonny G. That would be no good. Who would make us smile? So we waited to make sure he was still with us. It turns out it was Bill we were missing. He had some phone calls to take, but rejoined us at the klubhaus.

And then the Secretary realized his rear tyre was almost flat. Again. We stopped to change. And then realized we were almost at the runway. So we repositioned ourselves and played Garth and Wayne while snapping photos for Cousin Thomas's desktop background.

We got the tyre changed and removed the offending sliver of green glass. All in less than 30 minutes.

Back at the klubhaus, we enjoyed the tail end of the hockey game and another Cars-free night on the tunes front. There was talk of local cycling polemica and stories of speaking in tongues. We spent some more time talking about the team race van. Jonny G reports that we need to give some attention to the comfort level for the passengers in the rear. Bolted down recliners and bonfires were suggested. Halberto told us about a conference that sounds more like a bike trip. Those who had them gave us a run down of their recent PD days at school. We concluded that consultants are best avoided. Alleycats, however, seem to go over well with the educators. Just as bike trips do with librarians. We tried to come up with a pool that would enable us to enjoy the coverage of the upcoming Royal Wedding. That attempt was not successful.

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