Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

Giddy up, boys and girls. It all begins this weekend. Brad the Impaler does it right. You may not receive the sloppy kisses he has promised to plant on the winner's cheeks, but good times are guaranteed.

Need more info? Go spend some time with the Red Brigades.

As for the Spring Ride, remember just a few weeks ago when we toasted the fact that the countdown had passed below the century mark? Now that we are on the other side of 50, we are closer to Spring Ride Friday than we are to the day we raised our glasses in celebration of that significant temporal marker. How sweet is that?

There are some among us who have come to believe the ABES are just a figment of Johnny S's sick, twisted and perpetually distracted imagination, seeing as how he is the only one who ever shows up to any of our rides. Maybe we will be proven wrong this year. But even if this theory turns out to be true, it doesn't really matter. Because the good times Johnny S brings to the table are the equivalent of the good times output of at least 10 or so others.


El Presidente said...

Be careful what you wish for Doctor.

The Dark Lord said...

Tom K is one of those who is a non-believer in the ABES. Now that we've corrected his assumption that El Presidente is The President, he insists El Presidente is Johnny S.

As for my wishes, I have no idea what they are. Sometimes it becomes clearer after the fact.

Anonymous said...

can we push brads stupid race until it's drier and maybe warmer, concerned racer

The Dark Lord said...

Nice try Brad.