Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

The racing season has begun. The Dark Side is involved in putting on four races this year. Let's take a look-see and find out what's in store.

June 15 - FGBC/RRR TTT. The team time trial took a sabbatical last year. But Cousin Adam and Mike G teamed up to bring it back. Some will no doubt suggest a resurrection of the Challenge. That might be fun. Our past performance might suggest that the FGBC approaches this discipline as performance art. In the genre of slapstick. Think Keystone Cops on bikes. We think we can tighten it up a bit for this year. We should aim to field at least two mens teams and one women's team for this one. Let's show Brad the Impaler what a dark horde really looks like.

July 16-17 - The second annual 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge. We collaborate with RRR and the Birch Club for this one. Last year was awesome. We have a few new developments in store to make this year even awesomer. Paddy says he will be back to defend his title in the solo race. Others will no doubt line up to try and knock him off the podium. But they will have their work cut out for them, especially if he's not racing with a broken hand this year. We expect a deeper field of teams as well. It's not too early to start making plans.

Sept. 17 - Dark Cross. A new initiative. Cyclocross racing. On a dirt track car racing oval (and beyond). Under the lights. With a beer garden. Maybe some live music. Did somebody say party? This is another joint venture with RRR and our friend the CycleChick. The forecast calls for good times. Very good times.

Oct. 1 - Menno Cross. This will be the sixth edition. That should qualify to make it a classic. The stone pit and the bunker will be back. As will the swoopy corners. Some folks with connections have suggested we give some further consideration to the building ride through. But if that should fail, we will at least ride through the new CMU farm. Who knows, maybe the flyover project will come out of the mothballs. We have some new ideas.

Before all that, we have the Spring Ride to focus on. It's only four short weeks away now. Big Luke is ready.


luke enns said...

yeeeaaa boyz. i friggin owned that creek last year.

Mandie said...

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