Thursday, April 07, 2011

Update from the honorary captain's home turf

I swung past Green Mountain Cyclery yesterday, Floyd's old bike shop. They have undergone significant expansion. Apparently Mike is still the proprietor, but he was unavailable for interview.
So, I couldn't help but ask the 4 shop rats what the general feeling was towards Floyd these days. Apparently we appreciate him more than they do. They were cautious in response, but it was clear that they felt a bit burned. I pushed a bit... surely they didn't think he was clean the whole time... yes, yes they did. I decided not to push further.
While their clothing line had not arrived (sorry Chris, no new socks), they did give me a bunch of free stickers.
Enjoy the gravel. I hope no one has the bad/good luck I had last year. Riding around in the van with Mike and his brother was good times... just not how I had planned them.

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The Dark Lord said...

Are you going to visit his Mom too?