Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TNR Report

A lovely night for a bike ride. Just as we were wondering where we should go, the Secretary called to say he was stranded on the second hump of the Disraeli Bridge with a flat tyre. So we headed over to meet him--just to make sure his first ride of the season got off to a good start. And just as he was ready to hit the road again, we got a call alerting us to the fact that we left the TNR HQ without Dr. John. We met up with him just in time to have KK introduce us to his favourite new restaurant.

From there, the Secretary took the lead.

He suggested a visit to the fabled Northeast Passage, only this time ride it in the reverse direction.

It was every bit as awesome as we remembered. On the way to the klubhaus, we stopped in at the infinity race track for a few spine tingling laps of the figure eight course. There were no crashes. That is always convenient.

As for the meeting, much of our discussion centered on the development that is being hailed as the biggest revelation of the past five years--the Dark Side's new race van. Plans include a paint job and some FGBC themed decoration. There was some talk about adding a bar in the back as well. Stay tuned.

Not only did we have two Butter Belt winners in attendance. We were also graced by the presence of the genius who came up with the idea in the first place. So naturally, there was discussion about the 2011 edition. All the hype that is the Summer of Brad will no doubt make the Impaler a legitimate contender. But dnb 2.0 is beginning to receive his share of attention as well. The only problem is, neither of them has ever completed a race. This task could be even more demanding this year, with some extra rules added to the mix. In particular, there was talk of mandatory butter shots for all Butter Belt contenders.

There were no tunes last night. Instead, we had the sound of the hockey game. The nice thing about this is that it meant the Cars streak was halted at seven weeks.


Anonymous said...

Sweet pics. Just when I decide to change my desktop background...

I'll take charge of running the butter shots. If I ever could claim to be the best at any aspect of cycling, drinking liquids quickly would be it.

Unknown said...
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JP said...

Nice Thomas! You can count on my nomination for "drinking liquids" duties!

Tom K said...

Butter? Hmmmm butter!!!

Agreed Thomas ... New desktop pic