Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TNR Report

The Summer of Brad has commenced. Make no mistake boys and girls, this is going to be one for the ages. We decided it was only right to kick it off with a bash the radness of which was matched only by the eponymous object of the season. There was no time to ride. And besides, it was raining again. For the third week in a row. We proceeded directly to the klubhaus to get on with the big celebration.

Never one to overlook the importance of dressing up for an occasion, the Impaler showed up in an outfit that paid homage to Kiera Knightley's portrayal of Celia Tallis and the deliciously elegant dress she wore in Atonement:

The Friendly Giant showed up for the party as well. That was a pleasant surprise, especially given the way he looked the last time we saw him. But mostly, we were interested in checking out his handmade wooden fenders.

The inaugural ride of the SOB did not unfold without incident. Upon his arrival at the F&H, the Impaler was greeted with a flat tyre.

That sucked. But not nearly as much as it would have sucked if the little punk in the car that almost sideswiped KK had actually sideswiped him. As it was, there was no physical encounter. But a few harsh words were exchanged. KK made his point clear.

The evening passed quickly. The mood was light and jovial, despite some unchecked aggression in the form of the slo-pitch team that was sitting at our table. We distracted ourselves with talk of the how Brad is going to win the Butter Belt, the SOB website, Liz Hatch, the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge, J├Ągermeister, the Big Lebowski, car trips and vintage motorcycles, the Secretary's and President's unresolved tension, dentists and vasectomies, and a random assortment of other things that all somehow related to the Impaler in one fashion or another.

And then all of a sudden it was after 1am and time to go home. It took a while for the Impaler to find his way back into his party dress, so it all ended a little later than usual once again.

But in the end it all concluded perfectly. It is not often that an evening unfolds in such a way that the beginning and the end come together in such a flawlessly formed circle.


Brad the Impaler said...

I just noticed how green really brings out my eyes. I am a 'Winter'.

luke enns said...

we need more cleavage brad.

Anonymous said...

Luke, I know you've been using that profile pic for while, but I've only just noticed how rugged, good looking and Animal from the muppets - esque you appear. I like to think that's your usual smile.

luke enns said...

thanks buddy, you're pretty rugged too.