Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011 FGBC Fall Classics Pool

Still wondering what to do with yourself now that the FGBC Tour de France Pool is done? Don't worry vicarious racing fans. We are back in action with the 2011 FGBC Fall Classics Pool. Here's your chance to follow the best one-day races from August through October.

Pick a team of nine riders using one of the three options listed below.

Option 1

2 Tier 1
1 Tier 2
1 Tier 3
2 Tier 4
3 Tier 5

Option 2

1 Tier 1
2 Tier 2
3 Tier 3
2 Tier 4
1 Tier 5

Option 3

3 Tier 2
3 Tier 3
3 Tier 4

The list of riders can be found here.

Send your team here by Saturday morning at 9am Winnipeg time.

Points will be awarded for the top 30 placings, from 350 for first place all the way down to 5 for 30th. Just like the Spring Classics Pool. There is only one monument in the fall--the Giro di Lombardia--for which a higher points scale will be used. But Clasica San Sebastian (just because I like it) and the Worlds Road Race will follow the same scale as the monuments.

The Calendar:

Clasica San Sebastian
Vattenfall Cyclassic
GP Ouest France-Plouay
GP Quebec
GP Montreal
GP de Wallonie
Worlds ITT
Worlds Road Race
Coppa Sabatini
Giro dell'Emilia
Giro del Piemonte
Giro di Lombardia


co2cycle said...

awesome. which races are in play?

The Dark Lord said...

Right. Thanks for the reminder. I'll post that right away.