Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer of Fraggle?

The Fraggle has just one chin and her voice is not exactly squeaky. But she's doing her very best Cadel Evans imitation with an impressive late surge toward the top of the standings. She finished second behind Andrea yesterday. And she won today's ITT, ahead of Chris O and Chris D. She sits just 34 point behind Brad now. They share Evans, Cavendish, and Gilbert. But if Velits remains in 19th, that's 30 points right there. There is a chance the Fraggle might wreck the Summer of Brad by stealing the lead the Impaler has held for most of the race. Will she go after the Butter Belt next?

Graham has moved into third overall. Rachel drops down to fourth. And Chris O rounds out the top five.

Full results and overall standings are unavailable due to computer issues. Maybe later tonight.

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Anonymous said...

It's not exactly a secret that I LOVE the Giro but I have to admit this years tour had some mind blowing efforts. A very ,very cool tour.
I'd also like to say that Cadel was pretty freakin amazing for a former wheel sucker. Very aggressive and entertaining.

Dallas " Now that was an entertaining three weeks. " Sigurdur