Friday, July 08, 2011

Still Hungry

The TdF monsters keep gobbling up riders. Today's lunch featured a delicious combination of Beans and Wiggo. The loss of Tom Beans broke little J-Train's heart. That kid loves himself some Boonen. It helps that he confuses the peloton's chief party boy with Boone, NC, from which he has some good memories. The loss of Wiggins, meanwhile, will not be well received down in Durham. The anorexic looking Anglo was a key piece of the pool puzzle for both Chris and Jay. Naomi had him too. A number of other GC hopefuls found their Tour de France dreams flushed down the toilet. Hesjedal and Leipheimer both lost over 3 minutes, while Horner finished over 12 minutes back. Over. Just like that.

There were some riders who made it to the finish line in one piece. That Cavendish kid sure is fast. He finished it off nicely.

Over in the 2011 FGBC TdF Pool, Val and I shared the win with 275 points apiece. That was fun. Chris O had 265 points to finish second. That moves him back into fourth overall. Steve G moves down to fifth as Graham gets nudged out of the top five. The top three spots remain unchanged. That is starting to get a little old.

Tomorrow's finish in Super-Besse should change things up a bit. It's not the high mountains, but that uphill finish should see the contenders show up for some TV time.

Full results and overall standings here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, poor Horner, totally messed up. You kinda figure broken bones come with the territory, but not dementia. I hope that's temporary.