Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stages 11 & 12

Sorry poolies. The 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge has all but taken over. Anyone who has not signed up, do so now. Registration closes in 2.5 hours.

Rachel won the last sprint stage before the "real Tour" began. And Andrea won the first mountain stage. Rachel had 235 points to finish ahead of Val and Chris O. They were tied with 220 points apiece. Andrea's win came courtesy of Sammy Sanchez and little princely Damiano Cunego. They combined for 220 points on the day. Rachel continued her recent run of good luck, finishing second with 205 points. Graham and Ian tied for third. They had 150 points each.

Brad still leads the overall race with LeAnn holding on to second place. But Rachel has moved into third overall. Graham and Chris O round out the top five.

Full results and overall standings here.

There is WiFi at the Falcon Trails chalet. We may get to watch some of the Tour. We may even get to update the standings. But it is also just as likely that will not happen.

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