Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

Now that the 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge is done, our days might be described as 24 hours of DarkCross. There's lots of work going into our night time race at the speedway these days. It is going to be spectacular. Last one across the finish line please turn out the lights.

Thanks to the CycleChick and her minions for the kick-ass poster. Along with our BFF's from RRR, we've joined forces with Winnipeg's best cycling blogger to help us turn this one up to 11. Maybe even 12.

Check out the website for more information. Keep going back, because more information will be added as details emerge. And please prepare yourselves for lots of talk about this one.


co2cycle said...

what?!? i didn't get any points for Purple Rein's 8th place today? i know i'll be plummeting through the rankings after Wiggo's demise and since Tony Martin is stuck babysitting for Cav, but i gotta get my points where i can.

The Dark Lord said...

Dang. Spreadsheet error. So sorry. It's fixed now.

JP said...

That poster is SICK! (And the website!)