Saturday, July 09, 2011

Who is Super-Best?

Little M is, that's who. She soloed to the finish line with plenty of time to enjoy her first win of the 2011 FGBC Tour de France Pool, just like her man for the mountains, Rui Costa. In fact, with Gilbert on her squad as well, she had the day's two top finishers. Frank Schleck's 10th place finished helped a bit as well. In all, she grabbed 330 points in the first somewhat mountainy stage of this year's Tour. The Fraggle was second on the day. She picked up a little ground on the Impaler. But not that much, because Brad had 225 points to finish third on the stage.

Brad still leads the overall race. But LeAnn has jumped ahead of Hal and into second place. Rachel found her way into the top five for the first time in the race. She sits in fourth place, while Graham is back in fifth overall. Speaking of back, Marc has found his way back to the back of the pack.

Horner did not start today. There is a little known rule that prevents a rider from starting a stage if he's still unsure about whether he finished the previous day's stage. It sounds like Robert Gesink might be heading home as well. He's also suffering from a crash and lost a bunch more time today. If that is true, the worst hit teams would be those of John, Charlie, and Chris Y. They all went with Gesink and Horner as their two GC men. Ouch. The GC men continue to fall like American soldiers in the War of 1812. Maybe Thor will SMASH his way to Paris in the yellow jersey after all.

Full results and overall standings here.

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