Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Results, Finally

We have results. Sort of. I can't find any individual results for the TTT. Which means it's impossible to determine whether anyone got dropped. So all riders have been given the score of their team. Even Eisel, who we know was dropped. If anybody can find those individual results, please post the link in the comments so we can make the appropriate changes.

Brad the Impaler won Stage 1. Charlie took Stage 2. Dallas and Darryl shared the win in Stage 3.

Hal leads the overall race by just 6 points over Brad. John is in third place, another 122 points back.

The Lanterne Rouge is currently being held by Paul, aka Mr. Cycle Chick. With just 52 points, the vicarious racing rookie already finds himself over 600 points off the pace. Ouch. Welcome to the Pool Paul. It is a long race. No need to panic just yet.

Full results and overall standings here.

More results coming after today's stage is finished.

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