Wednesday, July 06, 2011

TNR Report

Cousin Thomas is back in town for the summer. We think that is probably good news. It will take some time to assess the damage he has incurred by way of his recent association with the heaviest bike club in the world.

The Norwood Flats chapter also showed up for the first time in a while. It is always a special treat to have the opportunity to ride with our brothers from the French side of town.

We rode out to the Harte trail to swallow some bugs and assess the new wakeboard park as a potential cx venue. It shows some promise. KK will investigate.

It is a long way out to the perimiter. So a break was called so that the lungs could be refreshed and the shorts rolled up.

It turns out there was a birthday boy after all. His name is Mr. President.

We all did our best Marilyn and serenaded him. He was more interested in talking about his recent flirtation with Lyme disease. It looks like they caught it in time. That is good news. And so, appropriately, he left with his glass half full.

The tunes were dialed out again. The Cars streak has ceded to a streak of 90s nights. That may require some action. As will the uniforms that our table thieving slo-pitch bretheren were sporting last night. The Secretary called geese and moved that our jerseys be removed from the rafters should that atrocity of so-called fashion find its way up there. It was quickly seconded and passed unanimously.

Last but not least, the evening began early this week with a special TRN appetizer. Jonny G, KK, Dr John, and I rode out to the white horse to accompany Arvid to the Leg. He looked strong. If anyone can do it, Arvid can.

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Anonymous said...

We were hoping the jerseys would provide better girdle support. Too much gravy in our water bottles I guess. JS