Monday, July 18, 2011

24 Hours of Falcon Ridge Report

With most of the FGBC splitting their time between riding and working, it fell to JP to represent the Dark Side. He did the sweetest jersey in the world proud, winning the Men's 24 Solo race. Well done JP!

Photos courtesy of Paul Verwymeren.

JP had his game face on, so he missed out on all the fun. Fortunately, the rest of us were more than willing to pick up the slack. Between Paul's mid-race keg party, Olympia's midnight dogfest, and an impromptu late night party at the checkpoint put on by the Dark Side's youth movement, the good times meter was turned up to 11.

For race results and photos, visit the official race website.

1 comment:

Tom K said...

A huge thank you to all of the organizers and those that pitched in to help put on a STELLAR event on an AMAZINGLY HOT weekend. The Birch - FGBC - RRR thing keeps on working ... thanks guys and gals.

Now to JP ... UNBELIEVABLE! Congrats dude. Thanks for the tip to jump in the lake between laps (duh!) when I was fading early, for the mid-night encouragement and crazy banter :-)