Monday, November 14, 2011

CX Pool Roundup

Highlight of the weekend: Tom Meeusen jumping the ditch at Jaarmarktcross on Friday.

(Photo: Kristof Ramon)

As for the vicarious racing, we have five races to catch up on, including, for the first time ever, a non-World Cup race in France. The European field was split on Friday with a handful of riders skipping the C2 Jaarmarktcross in favour of the C1 race in Nommay. Rachel took the win in that one, followed by Dan and Olli. Little M won Jaarmarktcross ahead of Laura and me. And the J-Train swept the other three races. He had 465 points in the first of the two USGP races in Louisville, 245 points in Hamme-Zogge, and then 530 points in the second Louisville race.

Andy continues to lead the overall race. But for the first time in a while, his lead is less than 200 points. It is Jonah who narrowed the gap, moving up into second overall after his big weekend. Chris O remains on the podium, but drops one spot down to 3rd.

Full results and overall standings here.


Anonymous said...

Watch the whole thing, the jump is pretty awesome

The Dark Lord said...


Anonymous said...

you know, there should be points added and/or deducted on the "stylish effort", or there lack of. i can't stand watching sven ride. predictable like a refrigerator, always a cool performance. but look at bart last weekend. that was really exciting for the first three laps. i almost peed my pants. by the way, just because im fat, it does not mean i don't like to race. expect grude-cross as soon we have a substantial snowfall. i still have the brass. the poosher.

The Dark Lord said...

Grude cross, yes please.

Brad the Impaler said...

Tomek, launching that ditch is something you would do for sure. And all five of us watching would go apeshit in approval.

How drunk are those fans? They may be six deep at the fence but there was no reaction at all. Shameful.

Brad the Impaler said...

I have a grudge with a certain 14 year old. Bring it on!!

co2cycle said...

style points indeed! i'm digging my team this year. wellens will always kill himself, even for a 7th place finish and meeusen is redeeming himself after a disappointing season last year. and don't get caught sleeping on pfingsten--he won over at toi toi #5. no points, but he appears to be building form.

but what's up with everybody bunnyhopping everything this year? seems like just last year a few american dudes would hop things and nys would occasionally put on a show. but people are getting crazy air. lighter bikes? lower barriers? style points in some fantasy cx league?

Anonymous said...

Full race.
Racing starts at 18 minutes. That course looks awesome.