Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Payment is Woolcomed Now.

Good news. After working out the finer details, Cima Coppi is ready to start knitting up the sweeterest jersey in the world. For that to happen, we're got to pay up, so the faster everyone can get me some money, the faster we'll see our jerseys. Each jersey is $110. That includes the cost to ship the jerseys to Winnipeg.

If you'd like, you can bring cash to the TNR tonight. You can also drop a cheque/cash off at my work (63 Albert Street, room 309), or come by my place (29 Arbuthnot St, Apt. 3). Some of you will need to use regular mail, in which case you should email me and I will give you all the particulars.

The expected delivery date is around mid-January, on account of a slight backup on their end and the holidays.

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The Dark Lord said...

Right on. Thanks Mark. I will bring money tonight.