Monday, November 14, 2011

Wool Jersey Project: It's Go Time

We have received word from the Assistant VP Style (aka the Hipster) that the Wool Jersey Project is into its final stages. He wants to place the order this Friday. Before that can happen, we need to get a few more details settled.

Here is how Mark put it:
We're ordering the jersey's from a custom Canadian supplier called Cima Coppi. The jerseys are slightly thinner than what we are used to (200gr/sqm double knit wool, as opposed to the Nordic Cross jersey which is around 250gr/sqm) and are designed to function more like a jersey, and less like a sweater. Like traditional wool jersey's from the 50's and 60's, they are created out of a series of panels, lending themselves to easy repairability should you snag a tree branch and tear a hole.

Take a look at the sizing chart to confirm and/or determine your size.

If you find that none of the stock sizes fit you (Lyle? Pitcher?), you can provide your exact measurements and have the jersey custom fitted. Just provide the same measurements that the sizing chart has.

Please leave a comment or email Mark with your sizing details.

If you aren't on the list, it's not too late to get in on the order. But you'd better act soon.

I want to place the order on Friday by 5pm. There is a good chance we can have them by Christmas if we get the order in by then.

I need sizing from:

Chris H
Thomas Epp
Tom K
Tim L
Daniel Enns



Kim said...

alright, alright... I'll succumb to peer pressure.

I emailed Mark.

Wool is simply awesome.

Olli said...

Any idea on the sleeve length to accommodate ape arms in size medium?

Anonymous said...

Olli - I just asked the supplier and should have an answer for you soon. If you need an extra inch or two there is no price increase.