Wednesday, November 23, 2011

TNR Report

Skinny tires + snowy single track = awesome.

The Impaler and the BF had some trouble.

Back at the klubhaus, Brad directed a reenactment of the awards ceremony that took place on Saturday.

The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to constructing a schedule for Nordic Cross 2011-12. There will be six races, one every three weeks. All the races will take place on Tuesday nights. It all begins next week with Caffeine Cross. Stay tuned for more details.

We also pondered the disturbing velobesity epidemic that is plaguing our local cycling scene. A manifesto was drafted and we all pledged to remain skinny this winter. There is some suspicion, however, that KK may have had his fingers crossed.

The Hipster provided an update on the Sweetest Wool Jersey in the World. It is in production. We should receive some photos soon.

The tunes sucked. So much that Secretary was moved to stage an intervention. It worked.

Stay skinny, my friends.

We rode last week too. All the way over to our favourite commissaire's place. We thought it fitting to throw a little party for him in order to say thanks for all the work he did to make the cx season so awesome. So we asked him to host it. We are a classy bunch. So he hosted his own party and made us a nice fire. And he also pretended to like the gifts we gave him. We love you Colin!

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