Monday, November 07, 2011

CX Provincials Report

(photo courtesy of TOS)

Bart Wellens did not show up. And the Impaler kept his pants on. Or did he?

The Dark Side collected some hardware in what must have been the most cramped medal presentation ceremony ever. And we enjoyed a nice meal mixed with many smiles and a handful of strange looks from the locals. That is fair. We'd no doubt look askance at them if they joined us at our table on Tuesday night too.

The highlight of the day came courtesy of Jonny G. He went airborne, executed a perfect tuck, roll, and summersault, and then ran back to fetch his bike in the sand--all without breaking a smile. The CycleChick caught it on camera. We can't wait for her to share it.

And with that, the best cx season we have ever experienced is history. The ABES are having a hard time coming to grips with that fact, so they are trying to extend the good times for at least another week. Some of us may show up.

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