Thursday, November 03, 2011

tnr report

JP threw down a very fine alley cat. Nine riders reported, eight actually started, one stood victorious by only a narrow, at times confusing margin. Instructions were to attend to three locations and pick up a small envelope from within the large envelope. At one of those locations, the large envelope would have on it the instructions to a secret, fourth location. The three locations were 1. Riverwood area, 2. Whittier Park, and 3. JP's back yard.
In the end, the order made a difference. The fourth location was the McPhillips Street Station. Once all locations were visited, it was back to the klubhaus. The first four to the klubhaus also picked up an envelope on arrival. Turns out, the envelopes contained cards for the closing poker hand. Coming in sooner meant you got more cards. ie. great odds of victory.
Here, JP, race meister, attempts to explain to the bewildered crew, kind of how a poker hand works.
The discerning, regular reader might note a number of the usual suspects in this low quality image, and said reader might also note a few unusual suspects in the back right. Yes, every so often, at our quiet klubhaus, confused folks come in assuming our tavern is a bawdy niteclub. When they discover we are the only good time present, they invite themselves to the party. After some time, usually too much time, they realize that they have no idea what we're talking about, and they move on. At least this gropy threesome didn't attempt to make off with anyone's goods, as per a memorable visit some years ago.
At first it seemed like big Luke had won, but the (minimal) collective poker wisdom eventually discerned that, in fact, KK was victorious with some sort of hand that must have been good. The (exceptional) individual wisdom of KK also discerned that the $45 he had just won was actually almost spot on one free round. Most excellent discernment KK.
Of note was a new attendee. One Dan E on a very speedy Ridley. Not speedy (or lucky) enough to win the race this time round, but a formidable riding talent nonetheless.
Finally, there was an attempt at some business. While it was very exciting business indeed, the state of affairs with the unwelcome guests and the small presentation size made it difficult for the collective to galvanize around the topic that eve. Please see the next post entitled: We Wool Rock You.

The Secretary (of State) or VP Ontological

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luke enns said...

awesome summary. i was so close to victory! it's a good thing KK won, because i would have put that money straight into the diaper fund instead of buying everyone a round. well played KK. well played.