Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thursday Anticipation

Nordic Cross is upon us. It all starts next week:

Notice that the start time is a little earlier than the usual 9:30 pm meeting. Coffee shop hours tend not to correspond with the regular Tuesday night routine. But we will make it work.

The full Nordic Cross 2011-12 calendar is as follows:

Nov. 29 - Caffeine Cross
Dec. 20 - KK's Kristmas Kermesse
Jan. 10 - Glutton's Cross
Jan. 31 - Arm & Torso Thighs Cross
Feb. 21 - Darryl & Jonny G Cross
Mar. 13 - Impaler's Cross

Some of these could use better names.

This is a series. Standings will be tabulated and the overall winner will receive an award of sorts. The Dark Side reserves the right to apply penalties and bonuses at will. It is entirely possible that there will not be a direct correspondence between success and one's ability to ride a bicycle swiftly.


The Big Frame said...

the E on the mug....for espresso or evil?

Anonymous said...

Anybody know any good coffee guzzlers?

wv: undooked

Kim said...

A better picture?