Friday, February 13, 2009

24hrs of Coens - more news

so, I just rode the loop. After adding a bit in Fraser's Grove park, it comes to 8.9kms... for us slower folk, it'll end up being just over half an hour, and by nightfall, I don't want to guess.

For the faster folk, we may figure out a way of them checking in without having to come inside and be tempted by couches, drink and film.

Don't forget about dogfest sometime later in the evening. With the right ambition and peer pressure, a fire will be made, so bring dogs/buns/sticks. I have condiments.

Dr. H called me this afternoon. He's having trouble coping with not being present at this event (not his words)... so we may leave the computer on and have folk blog at will for his sake. He's thinking about renting a bunch of Coen films for solidarity.

See you tomorrow.


The Dark Lord said...

Coping is hard. Have fun y'all.

What Would Marge Do?

PaddyH said...

yeah, x2 on the fun from us too, we'll check in on the blog tomorrow night.


Brad the Impaler said...

Any podium predictions from you out-of-towners?

Brad the Impaler said...

Like it really matters... Just want to add some excitement for those playing at home.

Coach Dave said...

Good luck and have fun.
I will look for updates.

The Dark Lord said...

It matters. I will pick Juan Eppstein. He loves to win.

PaddyH said...

I pick Darryl's DVD player.