Thursday, February 12, 2009

24hrs of Coens

prepare for crosscheck and landing.

Saturday, February 14. 10:00-ish am start of the media lap. Ends Sunday, February 15 at 10:00am... prizes/awards to follow. Bring some of those to contribute if you can/wish.

as mentioned, bring everything you need to live... food , drink, sleeping gear, bike/s, attitude, a scribbler for your Coen essay.


The Dark Lord said...

Right on.

For those of us following from afar--Durham, Seattle, Lethbridge--periodic updates would be greatly appreciated.

What Would Walter Do?

The Dark Lord said...

It occurs to me that Walter does not roll on shabbas. That could pose a problem.

Adam said...

True, Walter can't start riding until the suns slips below the horizon, but that just means he'll have to ride hard all night to catch up.

Gianni said...

The imminence of this event fills me with joy.

the secretary said...

so, because Luc can't start til evening, we can call him Walter, and, therefore, he's a witch.