Monday, February 16, 2009

24hrs of Coens wrap-up

a quick video-like memory. You probably had to be there to find the movie ordering bit funny, but that was funny.
Lost and found:
  • not one, but two sleeping bags... yes Luc, yours, and I'm kind of guessing Tom on the other because it's orange
  • convertible mitt/glove (one only)
  • thermos
I'll bring this stuff to the klubhouse tuesday.

The official word would be that Gianni "won"... rode over 100miles of that bumpy, slippery track. Halberto not far behind... nice work.
Sweet times.

24hrs of Coens Race from dnb on Vimeo.


The Dark Lord said...


Are we going to see the full results?

Anonymous said...

Another sweet event.
Great course, beautiful weather, chips and beer are still very good, raising arizona is still hilarious, colin snores like a bear, and bikes are still awesome.
Thanks for for hosting and letting us crash at your pad.
That one glove is mine. I'll swap it for 41 swatty bucks when you see paul in rocktona.

Brad the Impaler said...

Well said, Johnny. I concur. Thanks Darryl for letting us trash your place. Maybe we should do this twice a year?

the secretary said...

umm, I'd have to find the full results...

also found: One blue pump.

Sweet times.

Gianni said...

Wow that was a blast. Thank you especially to the Neustaedter Bargs for hosting and to those responsible for an awesome course.

Results last seen in your garage, Darryl. I'd be interested to see/read all the synopses too (at the klubhouse?) or photos of the papers...? [Transcription seems like a drag.]

that dave said...


Tom K said...

Well done lads ... looks like you had tons more fun than me (hosting visitors)!

How much riding versus lounging went on there?