Thursday, February 26, 2009

TNR Report

The Impaler comes through with a Haiku TNR Report:

Kevin, Craig and Brad
Sat stalling, stalling, stalling,
Finally we rode.

Down the river then
With cold beer drawing us on
Straight to the Klubhaus.

It was a grinder,
With the fresh snow over ice
None of us were graceful.

River time trial
Will have to wait till next year
The river's a mess.

Detoured to the streets
Beelined to sanctuary
Homer knows: Mmmm beer.

Some words seldom heard
Vasectomy, Billinkoff
Servers were impressed.

It seems like winter
Has been here for long enough
Please no more snowing.

Any ride is good
But they're more fun in the spring
Please no more snowing.

The Secretary may have more to add. He seems to retain the gist of table conversations much better than I do.

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KK said...

Nicely done, old guy.