Monday, February 02, 2009

Arrowhead 135

135 miles on snowmobile trails in northern Minnesota. They started at 7 am this morning. Our favourite bike messenger is racing. Follow his progress here.


Anonymous said...

GO CANADA!!!!!!!!

I'd like to throw it out there that the running record by John storkamp is 40 hours which is freakin amazing considering the runners(nad skiers) pull a pulk (sled) with their gear in it.

Dallas " Arrowhead scares me." Sigurdur

Oh and If Hal needs any help with the mca stuff just call ,

Gianni said...

Hey - Gianni here from a hotel lobby in MN.

It snowed about 4-5" on Sunday night, so the trail is slow... like the average bike speed is less than 7mph (counting stops, I guess).

I last saw Lindsay last nigth at the halfway point and he looked strong, put on dry clothes and ate a plateful of perogies.

But as of now (25.5 hours in) still no word on where he's at.

Tough course this year, they say.

Not too tough for Mike Curiak though, who rode to the start (10 miles from the race hotel) and is supposedly riding back to the start from the finish. This is how you train for Iditabike, apparently.

Oh, and Mr. Storkamp was having a tough go and pulled the plug at the halfway point. (Sorry Dallas).

And if anyone is wondering - while you don't "need" a Puglsey for this race, I think you need a puglsey. Riding with 2.5" tires on my Karate Monkey on Sunday (and that was before the snow) was no fun.

g said...

Thanks for the update Gianni. I have been checking their blog all morning but they are a bit slow with the updates.

I assume Lindsey is kicking ass.

Gianni said...

Hey - field correspondent Gianni here again.

Lindsay just finished @ 10:15, making him 4th overall. (total time = about 26:45

His words, after crossing the finish line: "it tells you something about a race when it takes you 8 and a half hours to cover 40 miles, and you manage to pass 4 people in the process."

Once again, the little man proves how hardcore he is.


The Dark Lord said...

Thanks Gianni. That is awesome. Lindsay is my hero.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates, Tell Lindsay he's the man.

I have been following the race online and it looks like the runners are plugging along at about 3 miles an hour, ouch.

Dallas "when is Lindsay's book coming out." Sigurdur

Colin Antaya said...

Thanks Gianni- wow. That's impressive.

halloewen said...

all hail Lindsay

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I tried to convince Paddy we should make Lindsay jerseys and race them as a show of respect .

Anyone who knows me knows I am pretty much in awe of that man (Kurt Gibson is another Jedi master in my books) so I felt like it might be appropriate . Paddy then pointed out that Lindsay was never a back of the packer and it might not be so cool to be honored as the patron saint of the stragglers.

Dallas " mentors mean something to me." Sigurdur

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to ask if a certain someone was impressed by the event and decided to make a go of it next year. If so maybe there will be another in the car with him.

Dallas " Walking to the bus stop is my arrowhead training right now." Sigurdur