Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Brew Tube

Here's another entry to add to the collection of bike related beer commercials.

1) Downhill both ways! That is the High Life. Too bad it's an ad for MGD.

But it's not just the breweries who like bikes. Always pushing the cutting edge, Coke has been riding the two-wheeled bandwagon for a while.

2) Check out this ad featuring the man folks from Winnipeg know simply as Hamlet.

3) They've been at it for a while. At least as long as 1974:

4) And since they're smart, they know better than to give up on a winning formula. They learned that in the 80's with the New Coke experiment. And they've applied that lesson to their marketing campaign as well, as evidenced by this more recent effort they served up featuring the Welsh chanteuse, Duffy.

5) Apparently they like fixies too:

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