Monday, February 02, 2009

Albert is World Champion of the World

Niels Albert is fast. So is Stybar. Boom had a very bad day. There wasn't really much more excitement than that on a frozen, fast course in Hoogerheide. On the women's side, Marianne Vos steals the rainbow jersey from Kupfernagel. Compton settles for third. Lots more from CN.

Last lap:

Olli finished on top in the FGBC CX Pool. He took home a whopping 1530 points. Chris A was second, with 1450 points. And Gary grabbed third place, pushing his overall lead back up to almost 500 points. There was lots of jostling in the overall standings. Chris A. looks set to make a late run for the podium. And Ian continues his slow and steady move up the leader board. On Nov. 23, he was tied with Bill for last place. Now he's 3245 points ahead of Bill and all the way up in 7th place overall. Andy is finally emerged from the cellar. Bill is now holding the fort down there.

Yesterday's Results:

Olli 1530
Chris A 1450
Gary 1400
Tomek 1350
Ian 1250
Rachel 1140
David S 1130
Paddy & Naomi 1110
Brad 1060
Andy 1020
Dallas 1020
Adam 1000
Vic 980
Charlene 980
Deanna 880
Hal 870
Jonny G 790
Jonny M 690
Matt 680
Chris H 600
Bill 440

Overall Standings:

Gary 14925
Rachel 14450
David S 14110
Chris A 13965
Olli 13670
Jonny M 12925
Ian 12580
Paddy & Naomi 12355
Vic 12210
Chris H 12020
Matt 11470
Charlene 11365
Tomek 11310
Deanna 11140
Brad 10840
Adam 10730
Dallas 10675
Jonny G 10550
Hal 9880
Andy 9620
Bill 9335

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