Wednesday, February 11, 2009

tnr minutes

a fine gathering, however, distinguished by the lack of bicycle riding. Craig proved to be the only tnr'er, and G commuted from his place. Two bikes on the rack... We'll chalk it up to the near inability to move on unsalted surfaces.

colin, tomek, tenacious v, the president, the impaler, juan eppstein, the aforementioned riders and your humble secretary in presence.

despite repeated attempts to steer the conversation to the Coen part of this weekend's 24hrs of Coen, it was tough to herd the cats. it took quite some time to determine the order of filmage... but we may have come to consensus: the initial discussion was chronological vs alphabetical, but we ended up with number of letters in the title, and should a tie ensue, then alphabetical, then chronological, then which brother is listed first in the credits. So, I think we covered the bases. Beyond that, we have no idea what the point of the films are, other than to focus attention when setting on the couch not riding. "You need to watch a whole film to win" was mentioned, but I believe we are still open to suggestions. I expect it should take us no time at all on Saturday to figure this out. Self governing collective indeed.

There was a majority move to drinking the "dark and tan" (is that what it was called?). A mixture of Guiness and Keith's. I missed that move, and it was soon over, deemed "not worth it" by my immediate neighbour, Colin.

There was a good stretch of time where people took turns talking about how badly they'd been schooled by Jonah C. It even included some of us ne'er-do-wells who continue to avoid racing for the most part... Ice Bike a couple of years ago...

This weekend's course also received due attention. G's bold suggestion to shovel a path across the river is now, clearly, all wet... and in due course, hopefully, frozen. We could only speculate on the state of sidewalks and trails... it could be interesting.

I mentioned an email exchange I had with Ian where he suggested that it was go time on saturday, and Tom threw a riposte that I will not repeat here, so here's hoping for some old skool grudgery. Without Dr. H here, the podium seems a bit more wide open... although there's a frightening rumour that skinny Luc is, wait for it, training! Spin classes? Yikes.

Look for a post shortly with directions to the race headquarters and suggestions of what to bring... oh yeah, that's easy: everything you need to ride/drink/eat/sleep.



Luc said...

don't get ahead of yourself here, one "spin class" hardly constitutes training.

and as it seems i will be working six pm, i probably won't hit the course till well after seven.

...and FYI i weigh more now than i ever have in my life...

g said...

87 pounds.

the secretary said...


Brad the Impaler said...

With both pockets full of change.

the secretary said...

OK, enough idle chit chat... we now have FGBC swag and drink to give away... it would be nice to do more than random draw with those left in the morning. We need a plan... like the best Coen inspired Haiku. Maybe we'd even see cycling Dave then.