Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

1) OperaciĆ³n MUERTO

We have a schedule. Five races. Each of them rather long. It's going to be a good summer. There will be pain. There will be pleasure. And there will be a belt buckle for the overall series winner. Your best four results count toward the overall competition. Look for some MUERTO exhibition events as well. Coming this spring. Spread the good news.

2) Altona Bike Festivus

The next event on the Nordic Cross calendar is the the celebration of bikes, ACC basketball, and good times formerly known as the Tour of Altona. But "Tour of . . ." race names are so lame. This will be the 4th annual running of this outstanding event. It's always a good time. Definitely worth the drive south.

Race promoter extraordinare, Johnny S sends along the following details and instructions:
Bike games, rink dogs and bragging rights.

Race headquarters: The Exchange – 116 Main St., Altona

Cost: $5 (and a salad, dessert, or munchies to share if your staying for the potluck supper)


R.S.V.P. A.S.A.P. here.


- Slow races, Knockdown tournament, Relay race

- Prizes – Home-baked goodness!

- Potluck supper featuring David Sawatzky’s Rink Dogs - “They’re so famous, they’re IN-famous”

- Duke V North Carolina basketball game


2:00 registration - make teams, explain rules, drink coffee

2:30 slow races

3:00 knockdown tournament

3:30 relay race

5:00 prizes

5:30 supper

6:00 basketball game

3) Brad's Birthday Ride: Last Call

50 kms for 50 years. Don't make him ride alone. That would be cruel. Details here. RSVP here.

4) Spring Ride

In case you haven't noticed, the countdown recently passed under the 100 day mark. We are down to double digits now. I wonder if the Duke is going to show up this year.

5) Gianni's Grass Track Glossary

The Grass Track Czar is busy researching his entry on Keirin. Like Tom Waits, it's big in Japan. But it's taking longer than originally planned due to some miscommunication with the Japanse translation experts. It seems they don't understand the sorts of deadline pressures that Gianni faces in his line of work. He is confident that this will all be cleared up in time for next week. In the meantime, enjoy this commercial for Keirin racing from Berlin as well as two commercials from Japan that it's clearly trying to poke fun at.


Tom K said...

MUERTO MUERTO MUERTO ... SWEET ... Bring it on!!!

I'm booking the dates (as best I can with my job) and offering up my support to any MUERTO race organizer who may need help (I know - they all do!).

Great concept Chris and thanks for pushing it. Course, I say that now!

The Dark Lord said...

With all the enduro races on the calendar this year, this one basically took care of itself. Glad to hear you're excited. I'm sure you will be taken up on your offer to help. Do you know how to make belt buckles?

Kevin B said...

don't shoot the messenger, but i asked JYD rep at the last MTB committee meeting and Fall Classic is a XC race, not a marathon or 8 hour or anything...

maybe double check with the organizer just to make sure.

Gianni said...

Fall Classic is a marathon race if you ride there from Winnipeg.

Gentlement, the glove has been dropped.

The Dark Lord said...

I did check with the organizer. It looks like some miscommunication there. And I thought we had the talking element of MUERTO working smoothly.

We will figure something out. Maybe add another throwdown enduro. But Ian's suggestion is not altogether out of the question. The more I think about it, the more I like that idea. If nothing else, this opens up another weekend in fall for cyclocross. I'm not terribly interested in another regular XC race.

Gianni said...

I'll second that, gentlement.

PaddyH said...

'doubtful that we'll be in buckle contention but the Westy will be sailing into MB waters for a couple races...

Anonymous said...

I'm definately pumped about this year. Last year the enthusiasm was there at the start but then life settled in. This year I have only one cross boarder race planned and the rest will be local. Saying local means though that I plan on visiting the Humenny clan out west and run their hundie. Maybe this year will even get me to the great xc8.

I would like to say that if help is needed for some events I'm making a concious effort this year to help .

Dallas " I miss redass:(" Sigurdur

the secretary said...

OK, you guys are crazy. Just sayin'.

At the TNR meeting, Tom was sharpening up a race which included eating two XL pizzas, drinking x number of beers, and riding trainers... now that's an endurance race.

PaddyH said...

funny, that's a saturday night in these parts.

Anonymous said...

I love the posters you guys come up with... I will be in for some, if not all of the Muertos. This year does look good.

Coach Dave said...

I am not much into trash talk, and will let my pedals do the talking for me… again ;) but, I have lost 10 lbs and could really use a nice shinny belt buckle. God knows I will never earn one by running a 100-miler.

I am still going to run-put on-host the Spruce Wood ride (a.k.a Blunder). It looks like it will have to be on the August long weekend. I do not imagine there will be super attendance… there never is. All are welcome to suffer with me. I will post more information when I have more time.

PaddyH said...

it was never about who said they'd show up Dave, it was always about who showed up....we're touring that way over the there'll be at least 3 of us.

anyone that wants to come out here and ride, run, and ski anyday of week as a training camp is more than welcome to couch surf out here...

Anonymous said...

I should be at your Blunder Dave... but If it's just you and Paddy, I will feel quite alone... and slow.

Coach Dave said...

Bring a friend; better yet bring the family and a whole whack of friends. Bring every cyclist in Brandon. You tell two friends, and I will tell two more friends and before you know it the whole thing has gone viral! I think Cory will be game as well. If we are going slow then we might have to try 140-miles in 10-hours. Either way riding is good, but riding at Spruce Woods is great!