Saturday, October 10, 2009

In case anyone is wondering . . .

The course is awesome.

And my back is sore from shovelling.

See you out there.



Anonymous said...

That course was freakin hard and scary, I loved it. For me minute for minute it was the best course of the year so far. I know it's not a traditional course but hot damn if it wasn't a total freak out with all that grease.

Thanks to everyone who put it on and thanks to my wife for letting me be a deadbeat for a few hours.

Dallas "I love when a course is so technical you can't get your heart rate out of aerobic." Sigurdur

Of and Colin and Arlene should get big props for being the official commissars of Manitoba cross. Thanks guys I appreciate it.

Gary S said...

When was the last time the mud pit was one of the driest areas of the course? Lots of fun!

Coach Dave said...

First time I ever had more fun watching a race then suffering in the race. Well done by all!