Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Cross-Tastic

Good thing Charlene didn't pack it in after the first lap. Otherwise we wouldn't have this photo of her showing us how to run the stairs.

(via Charles Feaver)

More photos and a short video over at the Cross-Tastic HQ.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate all the encouragement! My novice cross skills sure shined through in this one. Michelle has been talking A for next year. That's gonna take a bit of work. Glad I could finish for the team. Still loving it!!


Gary S said...

Awesome job Charlene! The mud pit was definitely a little wetter for the B race. We'll fix that next year. Maybe someone will place a shiny new cross bike with better mud clearance under the Xmas tree for his wife.

g said...


Anonymous said...

Gary: Sadly no new cross bike this christmas but I have started a fund from sewing and selling cycling caps. If you or anyone else is interested in supporting the cause and receiving a sweet hat, let me know.