Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Anticipation

Gary is working his ass of to make sure the level of awesomeness we've come to expect this season is met, and quite possibly exceeded. All kinds of details and information are available at the official race website.

Among other things, he has lined up an impressive collection of draw prizes. In addition to the brakes we've already mentioned, you might win a jersey.

Caps, socks, and cowbells are up for grabs as well. Good times. It kind of makes you wonder why we bother with anything else.


the secretary said...

Gary's website makes me wonder if he's done anything else? It's incredible. There's a lot of stuff there. If nothing else, find out where you've been seeded... I'm definitely sad I'm missing this one... participant draws make the B race go round.

Anonymous said...

We do other things for training . This includes my hunderd milers.

the sad thing is that I obviously don't know how to train:)

Dallas " f-ya this weeked is going to be awesome!!!" Sigurdur

tenacious v said...

Wow Gary's web site is impressive.

Who knew if you just keep showing up to races that you could be seeded first in the Citizen category. It seems that slow and steady gets you seeded first even though you do not win the race.

I look forward to being in the front row of citizen racers on the start anyway.

It is going to be great amounts of fun, as always.

Brad the Impaler said...

It was a great summer of riding and racing. The FGBC Spring Ride, Back 40, the Wednesday night races, the Ingolf/Falcon death march race, Reach the Beach, I even rode my first tour, and loved every inch. Lots of good times and good memories.

But this cross season is the most fun I've ever had racing and as much fun as I've ever had on a bike. All you cross promoters rule. And it just keeps on.

Sunday is looking stellar. I can't wait.