Monday, February 01, 2010

Arrowhead update

They've finally posted an update. It sounds like they are making good time. No word on Lindsay. But from what they say, I think we can conclude that he's not among the top 5. Last year's winner, Terry Brannick, has dropped out. That is bad news for Jonny B. How will we score that?

For the record, the picks are as follows:

Brad: Charlie Farrow wins in 20:17:00; Lindsay 3rd in 22:31:12
Jonny B: Terry Brannick wins in 20:50:00; Lindsay 4th in 26:15:00
Gianni: Charlie Farrow wins in 17:50:00; Lindsay 9th in 22:40:00
Chris: Dave Pramann wins in 17:00:00; Lindsay 5th in 22:00:00
KK: David Gray wins in 21:22:00; Lindsay 4th in 25:10:00


Gianni said...

From his spot page, it looks like Lindsay is at Melgeorges.

The trail is quite a bit faster than last year (I think it was 9pm or so when he got there last year)?

team jonny said...

what? i read in brannick's blog that he was dating a girl from duluth. i interpreted this to mean he would be an unstoppable force this year!

i don't understand?!?!

The Dark Lord said...

I think that research method is only applicable to vicarious cx.