Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TNR Report

Good turnout for a cold night. Hopefully that's the last cold one for the year. Bill very nearly lost a few digits. But we survived. The Impaler, Bill, Jonny G, Cousin Thomas, the Secretary, the Cricket and I were there. But more importantly, so was the President. He lives! He was experiencing some spectacle issues which, combined with the ever-present balance issues, led to a series of falls in the forest. Tom K showed up late and tried to find us by following the tracks. He got close, but ultimately spent the evening riding solo. Vic joined us the klubhaus after Hummelt hockey which, by the way, is only three weeks away from being finished.

The forest was desolate and spooky, as captured by the presence of a nefarious fog that seemed to be stalking us.

Cousin Thomas impressed us with his frosty beard.

But then he went and got us all perplexed by his rather unconventional choice of beverage.

The appearance of whipped cream and cherries precipitated a period awkward and extended silence, and almost brought the gathering to a premature end. But thankfully we managed to get it back on the rails. That was made possible, in part, by the need to confer about an actual agenda item. It had to do with the accomodations for the Spring Ride. Bill has come up with an interesting idea. We decided that it would be worth exploring further. If it works, it will be awesome. If not, we will default back to the accomodations director otherwise known as Juan Eppstein. He has done good work in the past. The President ordered pizza. That was nice. The tunes were better than last week, but still mediocre on the whole. I recall .38 Special and Led Zeppelin. But then it went and got all 80s sappy saxophone on us. The musical highlight of the evening was actually the television coverage of Devo playing at the Olympics. Sadly, the sound was off.

On the ride back home, Cousin Thomas was taken down by some ice even though he had just been warned about it, thereby concluding the evening with the sound of steel encountering concrete which, as it turns out, is exactly the way things began for him. A fitting way to end it. Full circle. And yet it gives us an occasion to ponder the wisdom of having him serve as one of the drivers for this summer's Big Idea. Hopefully his facility with four wheeled vehicles is better than what he has demonstrated recently on two wheels.


KK said...

Glad I wasn't there for the whipped cream and cherries. Sorry to have missed the pizza.

Whipped cream with a cherry on top? Seriously, dude. You're doing the sweetest hockey jersey a dis-service.

Anonymous said...

Let the record state that I was freezing cold, teeth chattering for a half hour before I wandered to the bar and asked if they had coffee. I wanted Baileys in it and got it. Next thing you know though, it's whipped cream and a cherry too.

It's nice to pamper one's self.