Saturday, February 27, 2010


Haussler 2nd, Farrar 3rd. Unfortunately, Farrar was somehow left off the list of riders. But by the time we caught it, it was too late. Last year, Haussler and Boassen Hagen were not on the list. But who knew?

There's still lots of data entry left to do before we're all set up. Be patient. Results coming soon.


KK said...

Go Brad! With first, sixth, and tenth he's gotta be on top today.

The Dark Lord said...

Charlie also has that same trio.

Data entry is coming along.

WV: punks

Anonymous said...

I'm watching k-b-k live with a cup of expresso and Miley. This is living people:)

Dallas " classics riders are the bad asses of the peloton." Sigurdur

Oh and the required "Go Candada"!!!!