Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Snow Crit #4 = IceTT. The race of truth. On ice.

Let's gather at the Junk-shon at 9:30 again. Or my place at 9:15.

Rooting about in the archives, we find the following set of results from the first edition in 2008:

Chris - 13.55
Luke - 14.56
Luc - 14.58
Craig - 15.08
Jonny G - 15.13
Ian - 15.29
Benjamin - 15.40
Dave L - 16.01
Scott - 17.02
Jonny N - 18.00
Jonny B - 18.57
Colin - 20.00
Deanna - 20.42

An interesting cast of characters. Which demonstrates, if nothing else, that each Tuesday night has its own personality. Some Tuesdays you can remember as if they were just yesterday. Others fade into obscurity like old high school classmates. The inaugural IceTT is one of the more memorable ones, at least for me. But I am somewhat confused. Bill says he was there at the first one. And yet there is no record of that in the archives. What happened?

Last year's edition, sadly, did not materialize, on account of some uncooperative weather. But the conditions for tonight look ideal. Let's hope the ice isn't freshly zambonied like it was in 2008.

Post-race, at the klubhaus, we will sort out all the details for the 24 Hour Race and Film Festival otherwise known as Sloth Cross. Only four more sleeps until that one.


Olli said...

What time does the Sloth Cross start at? And I have a copy of Cyclomania with english subs.

g said...

I am looking forward to tonight. My last few trips down the river have been super fun. I think the trail is pretty much exactly 6 kms from start to Hugo st.


The Dark Lord said...

Olli, we will decide tonight and get back to you.

Cyclomania is on the program.