Thursday, February 25, 2010

The FGBC CX Pool is Closed for the Season

It was a fitting way to end it, with Jay taking yet another win. He picked up 495 points to push his season total over the 20,000 point mark. Congratulations Jay. That was an impressive performance. Now let's see if you can do it again in the 2010 FGBC Spring Classics Pool.

Jonny B took second on the day, with 470 points. And Graham kept up his good late season form. He had 430 points, good enough for third place.

There was no change to the final podium. Gary took the silver medal. If only Stybar hadn't caught fire. That really helped Jay stay consistent in the home stretch. And Katie Compton's legs caught fire too. Her absence in the last month of the season didn't help Gary's cause. Brad the Impaler got bronze. There was a change to round out the top five. Prince Dan squeezed by me to finish 4th by just 15 points. It was close and hard fought, right to the bitter end, just like many of our battles at Bur Oak last year. At least here we weren't racing not to finish last.

The final overall standings are as follows:

Jay 20015
Gary 19170
Brad 18560
Dan 17785
Chris H 17770
Jonny B 17415
Chris O 16985
Dallas 16825
Andy 16735
Vic 16725
Hal 16120
Miriam 15420
Chris A 15390
Olli 15295
Jonah 15195
Chris D 15005
Charlene 14930
Kevin 14710
David 14695
Ian 14530
LeAnn 14345
Mike 14015
Craig 13505
Darryl 12775
Rachel 12450
Bill 12390
Paddy 12330
Graham 12305
Naomi 12290
Paul 11810
Adam 11625
Jonny G 11355
Matt 10335

Full results here.

That last race was an interesting one. First of all, it was indoors. And second, is was basically a cyclocross version of Miss and Out. Read the report at CX Mag. And check out Sven Nys pre-riding the course here. Who is going to organize that for us next winter?


Brad the Impaler said...

We really should do something like that here. I think it would be possible to find a venue. It would be a great way to break up January.

The Dark Lord said...

They used surprisingly little sand. But lots of scaffolding. The jumps would no doubt wreak some havoc.

Brad the Impaler said...

With all the barriers in the city, some OSB and horse jumps (already at the venue) and some creativity, I think a good course could be done. Add some run ups into the bleachers and maybe park a flatbed truck or two with ramps up and down. It would sure be a nice change from riding outside in winter.

The Dark Lord said...

Sounds like you want to organize a race.

Brad the Impaler said...