Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Sloth Cross

Only two more sleeps.

Here are some important details.

Pre-race meeting - 9:30 am.
Race begins with a neutralized media lap - 10:00 am
Mandatory Big Lebowski lap - later in the evening
Sal's Breakfast lap - 9:00 am
Film Festival lineup - TBD (bring whatever you have and we'll sort it out)

Jonny G and I are planning to head out on Friday afternoon to finalize the course. But for those who were there, it will be similar to the course we rode in 2008: river bank singletrack and the skating path on the Assiniboine plus the best of what the Forks has to offer, and maybe a little more.

The weather forecast looks promising. High of -7 on Saturday and low of -14. This should be the warmest winter 24 Hour Race we've ever had.

Our HQ for the weekend has us revisiting a project that is very dear to our hearts. Read more about it here.

To provide a bit of a preview, check out the Secretary's films commemorating the first three editions:




2) Altona Winter Bike Festival

Just in case all the big events in February don't leave you thinking that this is the best winter ever, Johnny S and the ABES are planning to make sure we get March started off right. The AWBF serves up yet another reason for renaming Altona as the cycling capital of the province. This will be the fifth annual. And hopefully the first victory for the dark side--by which I mean, of course, dark blue. All the details are available at the Home of the ABES.


Brad the Impaler said...


the secretary said...

anyone remember what the soundtrack was for the 2007 video? apparently we have infringed copyright and had the whole soundtrack disabled.

The Dark Lord said...

The only thing I can come up with, Midnight Oil, but I don't think that's right. Why not add some VH in honor of the little run we recently had at the klubhaus? Or perhaps Toto.

the secretary said...

I'm more concerned about the gripping dialogue... and won't those tunes get pulled too?

The Dark Lord said...

Maybe VH. But not Toto.

The dialogue was good. Better then Pulp Fiction.

Anonymous said...

it's official, the "fish bowl" is ready. are you? i have a few rules, you thought this was going to be easy?
no cell phones, no beer, no foot wear, no meat, no farting. just joking. this going to be great. Arlene is making split-pea soup, and buckets of coffee. there is couches and beds, but bring your sleeping bags, we don't have tones of blankets. see you tomorrow. tomek

PaddyH said...

have fun fellas, sound like this will be epic!