Wednesday, February 03, 2010

TNR Report

Good times, as usual. The pieces for the 24 Hour Race and Film Festival otherwise known as Sloth Cross are coming together nicely. The river trail from the Forks to Churchill Dr. is ready to go.

Unfortunately, the riverbank singletrack is not so navigable. We need a volunteer to walk back and forth and pack it down. Something will come together. It always does. Maybe the Icebike course will leave us something to work with.

On the way back to the klubhaus, we checked out the various "warming huts" that are starting to populate the frozen river. To call them warm is perhaps a bit of an overstatement. But they did prove a nice diversion on the long trek back to the F&H.

As for the klubhaus, the confabulation was its usual stimulating and meandering self. We confirmed that we are anti-Bingo. As is RRR. That is no doubt why we get along so well. And perhaps why others just don't seem to get it. Talk of this year's Spring Ride is starting to heat up. We spent some time wondering whether it is possible somehow to satisfy those who loved last year's epic ride while at the same time not further angering those who found it a bit much. The answer is probably not. But that doesn't mean we won't try. The possibility of a mid-ride gear drop was floated as a potential solution. The idea was affirmed as having some promise. Tom K offered to explore that avenue. The Big Idea received plenty of attention, especially now that it is game on. And Lindsay's antics received their share of attention as well. But on the whole it should probably go down on record as a disappointing gathering, because for the first time in five weeks we were not treated to the bounty of auditory awesomeness known as Eddie.


Anonymous said...

I'm more of a visual learner anyway.

The Dark Lord said...

I can't conjure up an image, but the word that comes to mind is "dumbass."

WV: sofist

the secretary said...

what's the big round orange thing behind the condensed water vapour?

The Dark Lord said...

I believe it's called the Sunspot. More here.

KK said...

Who's the young girl between Thomas and Brad in the orange orb?