Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

1) Check it out --------------->

The Spring Ride Countdown has passed under 100. It is down to double digits now. That means we're close. Close enough to launch the official 2010 Spring Ride advertising campaign, at least.


Also, in case you missed it, the Duker has prepared a poster.

3) 2010 FGBC Spring Classics Pool

And finally, Het Nieuwsblad is set to take place a week from Sunday. That means the 2010 Spring Classics Pool is just around the corner. Look for the rider list sometime this weekend.


Brad the Impaler said...

Excellent poster. I count 5 Penners.

KK said...

...and one Farrah. Nice.

The Dark Lord said...

There are actually two Farrahs. Or rather two appearances of the same Farrah. I trust she will be joining us again.

KK said...

Two Farrahs? This day just gets better.

Yes, sweet Farrah will be there again, only this year she'll be coming home with me. No more cavorting with the President. He doesn't even ride his bike.

penner said...

I recall, as does the secretary, days when bike riding was in the contemplation phase. the only bike among us was the secretary's fine steed.... the univega!

And if Farrah happens to wander by the dingbat she will always be welcome

g said...

he speaks!!!

Dude, the secretary is no defence on this one.

There has been much talk of an intervention ride.

good times.