Wednesday, April 28, 2010

TNR Report

A ride in search of a destination. We never really found one. We tried the Susan Auch speedskating oval. And the skatepark just behind it. We even tried the dump. But none of them seemed to suit the mood. So the Secretary led us back to the klubhaus for an early start to the confabulatory portion of the evening. If there was a highlight to the ride, it was the discovery that the pole on the much ballyhooed Omand's Creek bridge has been removed. While a little underwhelming for the $1 million dollar active transportation makeover we have been hearing so much about, it is still a significant improvement.

This made the president happy.

Speaking of the president, he demonstrated a rather unusual way of shouldering the bike during the cross lab portion of the ride.

Those who know him know that the president does not always do things the way everyone else does. But somehow he seems to make it work.

The Secretary, however, was not impressed.

We were welcomed to the klubhaus by a very sweet shirt. This led to all kinds of Lebowski-esque banter. Until she admitted she hadn't seen the entire movie.

When we finally got to the long anticipated topic of The Challenge, KK and the Impaler revealed that some RRR members (the ones who never actually ride with us) did not like our ideas for a new and improved version. Wierd. Even wierder, however, they noted that this discussion took place through a series of behind the scenes emails. The FGBC prefers to conduct its business out in the open. We have nothing to hide. That is part of what makes us exactly what we are. We eventually came to realize that what these guys like most about the classic Challenge formula is that it gives them an opportunity to make fun of us behind our backs. That is cool. Making fun of people is, well, fun. But we will continue to make fun of them via the more publicly accessible vehicle of this here website.

Whether we have actually decided to revisit the original version of the FGBC - RRR FGD Challenge remains somewhat unclear. The option of replacing it with a season long discussion about what The Challenge should look like remains on the table.

The tunes were dialed in.


the secretary said...

There's no reason we shouldn't get the details of the challenge worked out by late roctober.

Brad the Impaler said...

Just in time to have the wind up party. Excellent.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually taking this personally:( I guess being a loud Aries sometimes has disadvantages.

Oh and Sherry is Letting me loose again for a guerrilla weekend with a fast trip to grand beach and back. If I take too long she'll dubbing me a deadbeat dad.

Dallas " I'm taking suggestions for the new single speeds name." Sigurdur

Anonymous said...

Horse, dallas, name it horse.

Behind your back all the time, unless it's a bike race....

wv: insub

mike g (I suck at vicarious racing despite all the hype)

Brad the Impaler said...

Dallas, what about "The Other Woman"?

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about the death star? she's for sale at Olympia . If she doesn't sell soon I'll take her out of hock and she'll be my super commuter:)

Dallas " alter egos black pearl coffee is awesome." Sigurdur

The Viking said...

DAllas your an Aries? I know all to well the Aries curse as both me and my wife fall under the sign of the Ram.

I named my Niner "Orange Crush" for obvious reasons, it's orange, it crushes everything in it's path and its oh so sweet.

Flip me and e-mail so we can go for a ride sometime and a coffee or beer. Us dead beat dads need to stick together.