Thursday, July 29, 2010

2010 FGBC Fall Classics Pool

Your task: assemble a team of nine riders who will get you points by competing in the best one-day races from August through October.

It will be similar to the Spring Classics Pool in that you must choose one of three options on the basis which to assemble your team of riders.

The list of riders can be found here.

Send your team here by the crack of dawn on Saturday.

The three options are as follows:

Option 1

2 Tier 1
1 Tier 2
1 Tier 3
2 Tier 4
3 Tier 5

Option 2

1 Tier 1
2 Tier 2
3 Tier 3
2 Tier 4
1 Tier 5

Option 3

3 Tier 2
3 Tier 3
3 Tier 4

Points will be awarded for the top 30 placings, from 350 for first place all the way down to 5 for 30th. There is only one monument--the Giro di Lombardia--for which more points will be awarded. But Clasica San Sebastian and the Worlds Road Race will follow the same scale. For detailed points breakdowns, look at the 2009 Spring Classics Pool.

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option 2

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