Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Anticipation

It has been four days since the Tour ended and with it the 2010 FGBC TdF Pool. One way to avoid having to come down from a high is to prolong it. And so we present the first annual 2010 FGBC Fall Classics Pool. This will take us right up to cyclocross season and run alongside the 2010 FGBC Vuelta Pool in September. Good times.

It starts this Saturday with the Classica San Sebastian. The full slate of races is as follows:

Jul. 31 Classica San Sebastian
Aug. 15 Vattenfall Cyclassic
Aug. 22 GP Ouest France-Plouay
Sept. 11 Paris-Bruxelles
Sept. 15 GP de Wallonie
Sept. 30 Worlds ITT
Oct. 3 Worlds Road Race
Oct. 7 Coppa Sabatini
Oct. 9 Giro dell'Emilia
Oct. 10 Paris-Tours
Oct. 14 Giro del Piemonte
Oct. 16 Giro di Lombardia

Check back later in the day for everything you will need to start picking those funny sounding names you like so much. One of these days, you will get lucky. Just like KK did in the Tour Pool.

In addition to vicarious racing, there is some real racing on tap. After a painfully slow start, OperaciĆ³n MUERTO is now in full swing. And it'll be over before long. So don't waste your time wondering whether or not you're fit enough or you'll wind up missing everything. Besides, fitness is overrated anyway. At least as a prerequisite for racing.

Following up last weekend's 24 Hours of Falcon Ridge, we have Where's The Beach? It's the new version of Reach the Beach. What's new about it besides, perhaps, a few too many puns? Show up Sunday to find out.

And two weeks after that is Alter 8, featuring eight hours of sweet Birch singletrack.

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